Pre-Fall 2015 picks

Clockwise from top left: Sonia Rykiel, Emilio Pucci, Valentino, Altuzarra, Akris, Givenchy, Antonio Berardi, Calvin Klein Collection. (All photos:

I combed through the pre-fall shows and narrowed down my favorites to these 8 picks. My top of the lot is the Sonia Rykiel look – it stands out against the rest, don’t you think?

Sonia_Rykiel_003_1366Loving the muted yet colorful ensemble and its funky twists – a white skull cap and buttoned up flared jeans with fringe.

Emilio_Pucci_032_1366Pucci, pucci, you make me feel good-chi, good-chi. Gorgeous silhouette.

Valentino_057_1366I like these boots, particularly their sense of humor. I also like the evergreen, which seems an underrated color.


Absolutely winning Altuzarra – modern, feminine, handsome.


I chose this because it’s delicate without being too precious – if you could ever call white outerwear un-precious.


I am just a sucker for anything with a Western or equestrian touch. Ralph Lauren champions the Western cause, Karl Lagerfeld put it to bed for the year of 2014 with his Pre-Fall in Dallas…now this from Givenchy! My favorite from Riccardo Tisci in some time. Truly ready-to-wear.


More femme-inising of the menswear trend! Another beautiful silhouette a la Antonio Berardi.


I am a F-A-N of all white and this look does not disappoint. Noting the casual touches here: long sleeves and untidy yet tucked in hair – point taken, Calvin Klein! Also seeing all of a sudden that her thighs look potentially photo-shopped? SHOCK AND AWE, Justin Bieber no longer the only CK PS victim of late.

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