Icon: Valerie McCann Saiz

Mom, Mama, Wommy…

My mother is the most generous and hardest working person I know, she has passed on wisdom, guidance and her effortless joy for life to my brother and me. Val has loved and supported me through all of my big dreams, falls and sartorial whims (particularly the days I used to wear skirts over pants). I am so thankful to her for giving me the freedom to explore, try, fail and try again.

I don’t know where exactly I got my love of fashion from, but I know my mom had and has a lot to do with it. I’ve always admired my mother for the cheerfulness, grace and modest elegance with which she carries herself. She’s a real beauty.

In honor of my mother’s birthday today, here’s a tribute to my first, and favorite icon. Happy birthday, VMS! I love you.


My honeymooning parents, above.


Photograph by the world renowned artist, Aurelio Saiz.


Mom and me with my ‘other mother’, the very glamorous Amy, who was my Mom’s roommate at NYU.


IMG_1700 - Version 2

Mom in her signature brights.


Trust a mother who loves ballet.



She snagged those sunglasses from a teenage boy.

IMG_3444  IMG_3677


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  1. Your momma is the rarest, sweetest, finestkind. And you’re a chip off the old block.


  2. Your momma is the most wonderful, thoughtful, beautiful finestkind. And you are a chip off the old block. Lovely post!


  3. Elizabeth Kilbride April 21, 2015 — 5:46 pm

    Kella this is such a sweet tribute! I love those photos.
    xx, Liz


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