Giambattista Valli Resort 2016

These clothes make me want to dance: short, short dresses, impeccably flared trousers, and a chic, ever so edgy take on the gladiator shoe, no less. Giambattista Valli is a real wiz and I am surprised this is the first I am writing of his work on this site. I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised; this site has been in existence for six months and I am hardly the exemplary site-maintainer. Here is the first of I hope many more notes about this interesting designer who delights with his unique love of colors and prints.

giambattista valli R16-4

giambattista valli R16-1
giambattista valli R16-2

giambattista valli R16-3Above is the look that first caught my eye in this collection. It is splendidly daring and I love how it is wrapped up in such a thoughtful, well articulated design.

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