Ode to Books

Martin Luther once said, “One book is enough, but a thousand books is not too many!”


Can’t bring myself to make a color-coded bookshelf, but they are pretty to look at. Here, a creation of India Hicks.


Where Women Create


Gil Schafer in Architectural Digest


Somewhere to go: Le Pont Traversé Bookshop in Paris. Photographed by Messy Nessy


Oberto Gili’s home in Architectural Digest

Here are a few books I have been reading lately:


A collection of memos written by the legendary editor of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, Diana Vreeland. Collected in this impressive book by her grandson. Beautifully written and highly inspiring. Puts modern-day writing styles and communication methods in perspective. May be found here or here.


Alexandra Fuller’s memoir that expands on her original – Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight. Highly recommend both memoirs, they cut through all clutter and go directly to the bones of a gritty family in war-torn Rhodesia. Honesty and a keen sense of humor. May be found here.


Just started reading this, it is another memoir, set in New York City. Interesting descriptions of food and the friendship between a nonagenarian and a thirty or forty something woman. Makes me want to do more cooking…
May be found here.


Stunning story of determination, creativity, selling, and learning. An excellent go-get-them-girl story. Harder to find than the others, but may be found here.

Lead image: Carolina Herrera’s office in Vogue




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